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Catch all of our latest news with our Winter Newsletter. This time we have an interview with one of our volunteers - Margaret; a piece from MoneySmart on how to look after yourself and your finances; a reminder about the Home Energy Action Program and Essentials by AAI; and more! 

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What's in the news???

Want to know about renting things?

Check out Aunty B and what she has to say about renting things for your home! Thanks to MoneySmart for the great information.


 Look who came to visit!!!!!

Late 2016 Macarthur NILS had Anoulack Chanthivong MP come and have a cuppa with our microfinance worker Anne. Anoulack was really interested in all of the great things that Anne does in her day here at Macarthur NILS and thought it was wonderful how the No Interest Loan Scheme works! Thanks Anoulack for the visit and for helping us get the message to the people of your area that Macarthur NILS is here if needed.

Anne and Anoulack Nov 2016 Copy

 Anne and Anoulack Chanthivong MP