Thanks for your support...

Without the support of so many wonderful organisations Macarthur NILS would not be able to do the work it does in the Macarthur and surrounding communities. 

Macarthur NILS is also provided with the assistance of NSW Fair Trading, the Department of Social Services and the Department of Human Services.

It is with much gratitude that we thank the Franciscan Friars for their very kind donation that has enabled this website to be created, and for all of the ongoing support throughout the years. 


To the Campbelltown Catholic Club, a staunch supporter of Macarthur NILS throughout the years. Without your support our office just would not keep up with running costs - thank you for helping to keep us afloat and enabling us to continue to serve our community.

catholic club

To the St Vincent de Paul Society for working in partnership with the Presentation Sisters Wagga for over 20 years and for putting a roof over our head! For all the work of the Nagle Centre that has been enabling individuals with a hand up when needed most.




To NAB, for providing the capital to fund every NILS loan - thank you!



To Good Shepherd Microfinance that accredits Macarthur NILS to provide No Interest Loans to the Macarthur area and adjoining postcodes. 




 And without the Presentation Sisters Wagga, Macarthur NILS would not exist at all. In 1998 the Sisters started Macarthur NILS and they still serve strongly within the Macarthur Community.