Macarthur NILS is assisted by many volunteers doing a range of jobs and contributing in a variety of ways. If it wasn't for our volunteers Macarthur NILS would not be able to do the work we do with, and for, the community. We are proud of the people who so willingly give so much of their time and energy to support the people of Macarthur!

It's the volunteer Christmas party 2016!

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Farewell Francis!!!

We would like to take this opportunity to thank our volunteer loan interviewer Francis who is moving on from Macarthur NILS after 4 years of service. Francis has been a wonderful person to have on our team. He has given so freely of his time to being a part of building Macarthur NILS into a great program and has helped so many people through the loan interview process. We will miss Francis dearly but we do wish him and his family all the very best as they head on their new life adventures! Thank you Francis :) 

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