Financial services

If you're needing help, tips or ideas about your finances then here are some places you might like to visit:

Other NILS programs in NSW

NSW NILS Freecall Service on 1800 509 994 or go to to find your closest NILS provider.

NILS programs around Australia

If you live elsewhere in Australia visit to locate your nearest NILS provider.


Moneysmart is a great government website with the motto 'financial guidance you can trust'. With information about managing your money, scams, borrowing and credit; life events; and some great tools such as the Track my spend app and the budgeting and savings calculators there is so much great information to help you be money smart and make your money work for you. Check it out at 



Financial Counselling

A financial counsellor is a community worker who acts without a conflict of interest, as a negotiator and an advocate on behalf of people who are at financial risk.

As well as supporting and educating a person in various forms, a financial counsellor can provide the following:

  • a full assessment of a person's financial situation, including regular income and expenditure, assets and liabilities
  • information as to entitlements to government forms of assistance
  • information and options for change and improvement regarding finances
  • the ability to negotiate on behalf of a person with credit providers, government agencies and other business providers
  • information on credit laws, the debt recovery process, bankruptcy and other areas of legislation such as superannuation, insurance and harassment to name a few.

If you think financial counselling may benefit you, a list of financial counsellors can be found at or ring 1300 914 408 to have a chat to someone at the Financial Counsellors' Association of NSW Inc.

National Debt Helpline

Phone - 1800 007 007
Monday - Friday - 9.30 am to 4.30 pm

Financial Rights Legal Centre is a community legal centre specialising in financial services, particularly individual cases and policy issues related to consumer credit, banking and debt recovery. It is the only such Centre in NSW, and it has a particular focus on issues that affect low income and disadvantaged consumers. They also provide financial counselling information, advice and referral services to individual consumers in NSW on credit, debt and banking issues.

The Financial Rights Legal Centre consists of a team of solicitors and financial counsellors. When you call them they will usually only give you legal and financial advice on what YOU CAN DO to resolve your credit, debt or banking situation.

Give them a call on 1800 007 007 or check out their website to find out more

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