What you will need

The steps to getting a NILS loan...

1. Enquire

To make an enquiry about a loan at Macarthur NILS you can:

2. Receive an information pack

This pack outlines what you need to do and what documents you need to collect to get a NILS loan. One of the most important things you need to do is to collect all of your paperwork. The Documents Required for Loan Application lists all of the documents you will need to collect. Once you have collected all of your documents you can bring (or send) your paperwork into Macarthur NILS so that it can be checked off before you book in for your loan interview. Check the Downloadable documents below for all of the paperwork that applies to you.

3. Document receipt

When you bring in all of your documents they are checked over by a Macarthur NILS worker. When all of your documents have been received your loan interview is made.

4. Interview

A budget is completed with you by a Macarthur NILS worker.

5. Assessment

The Loan Assessment Committee assesses your loan.

6. Approval / Loan Agreement

Once the loan is approved you sign the Loan Agreement and establish repayments.

7. Repayments

Repayments commence and your loan is paid off usually over a 12 month period.

8. Completion

When your loan has been repaid you can apply for a new loan if you wish.

The documents you require...

Downloadable documents

Another service that can help you get a Macarthur NILS loan...

You can access a NILS loan through our delivery partner Waragamba Silverdale Neighbourhood Centre. This service can help you to make an enquiry and send through your documents for your loan application.

Waragamba Silverdale Neighbourhood Centre
40 Fourteenth Street, 
Warragamba NSW 2752
Phone: (02) 4774 1273


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