Home Energy Action

 Home Energy Action (HEA) Program 

Replacing old fridges and TV’s


Don’t forget Macarthur NILS is offering the appliance subsidy program offered by the NSW Office of Environment and Heritage. We are now able to offer our borrowers discounts of 40% to 50% on selected energy efficient TVs and fridges. A NILS loan can be used to cover the remaining price. 

To be eligible you must:

  • own a fridge that is six years old, or older, and want to replace it, AND/OR
  • own a plasma or cathode ray tube (old box style) television and want to replace it
  • hold a Pensioner Concession Card, or a Health Care Card, or a Veterans’ Affairs Gold Card.

Information on the whole range and the prices of fridges and TVs can be found at https://appliance.environment.nsw.gov.au/Home/Products  

There is a maximum of one fridge and one TV per household.

So share the good news!

If you would like a NILS loan to help cover the gap then give Macarthur NILS a call today on 4625 6487 or 0434 066 456!

For more information visit the NSW Office of Environment and Heritage webpage.

What is the Home Energy Action Appliance Program (HEA)?

The Home Energy Action Appliance Program (HEA) is an initiative of the NSW Office of Environment and Heritage and aims to help low income households improve their energy efficiency by reducing the upfront cost of new efficient appliances. The program offers NILS clients the opportunity to replace their existing inefficient fridge or TV with a new efficient appliance at a subsidised cost.

40% of the cost of a fridge will be subsidised and 50% of the cost of a TV will be subsidised.


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